10 types of eyelash extensions that will be the trend

ofLinen, round, in harmony with the face is always what the girls want. However, not all eyes have that perfect beauty. In order to overcome the defects of the eyes, especially in the eyelashes, eyelash extensions were born, with a variety of choices for women. Immediately refer to the top 10+ eyelash extensions that will be the trend of 2023 to get the most suitable choice.

Classic eyelash extensions

True to the name, classic eyelash extensions are classic eyelash extensions that can be applied to all faces. With this method of attaching eyelashes, false eyelashes will be glued to a real eyelash with a special glue. With the Classic attachment style, the lashes curl naturally, with moderate thickness, so they don’t feel heavy on the eyes. 

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Thick eyelashes will increase the sharpness of the eyes. This is a way of eyelash extensions where the technician will attach false eyelashes to real eyelashes, in order to improve the condition of your short and sparse eyelashes. However, to perform this method of eyelash extensions requires real eyelashes to be strong and healthy.

Volume eyelash Extensions

Normally, the number of eyelashes added to the real eyelashes will range from 2 to 8 fibers, ensuring that the eyelids are not too heavy and the eyelashes are not too thick. The false eyelashes will have the same length, ensuring aesthetics.

Katun Eyelash Extensions Women

who love Thai style can choose Katun eyelash extensions. The remarkable feature of this eyelash extension is its flexibility. Accordingly, the length of the eyelashes and the thickness when attached can be completely changed to match the face ratio. Katun-style eyelashes bring both classic and modern beauty to the new.

Katun Eyekash

Fishtail eyelash extension

The feature of fishtail eyelashes is that the length of the eyelashes will gradually lengthen towards the tail of the eye. Those are eyelashes with moderate curvature, suitable length to create natural beauty. This eyelash extension creates the effect of making the eyes bigger and rounder, the face becomes harmonious, attracting the opposite person. This is the optimal choice to help her improve the defect of thin, short eyelashes.

Fishtail eyelash extension

Baby doll eyelash extensions

Surely all girls are attracted by the image of the Baby princess with big round, glittering eyes. The beauty of long, curled eyelashes partly creates that impression. The specialist will proceed to connect the false eyelashes to the real eyelashes, forming an impressive arc. To create the effect of curvature, the longest lash will be attached in the middle of the eye and shortened to the head and tail of the eye.

Baby doll eyelash extensions

Wet eyelash

extensions A special type of eyelash extension that is also loved by many women is wet eyelash extensions. This option is suitable for girls with a gentle, feminine style. The false eyelashes will be attached in small clusters, the eyelashes look thick and wet. 

Wet eyelash

Color galaxy eyelash extensions

Talking about Galaxy color eyelashes refers to the delicate combination between the colors of the lashes. This type requires more advanced technology and execution techniques. However, the aesthetic effect certainly does not disappoint the girls. In terms of length, the eyelashes will gradually grow towards the end of the eye. To create quality and beauty, eyelashes will be dyed with high-quality materials, carefully executed.

Color galaxy eyelash extensions

The cat eye eyelash extension

style focuses on the sharp, attractive beauty of the eyes. The feature of this eyelash extension is to create the effect of elongating the eyes, so when attaching eyelashes, the technician will press on the corners of the eyes with long eyelashes, curling more than the front part.

cat eye eyelash extension

Rose Eyelash Extensions Rose

eyelash extensions are characterized by the different lengths of false eyelashes. The alternation between real eyelashes and false eyelashes creates a natural beauty, when looking at it, you will not realize that there is the intervention of the expert hand. This connection is innovated from the Taiwanese style of eyelashes, in order to ensure harmony with the beauty of Vietnamese women.

Rose Eyelash

Fairy wing eyelash extensions Fairy

wing or angel eyelash extensions bring innocent and lovely beauty. Different from traditional eyelash types, when connecting fairy wings, the eyelashes used will have a V-shaped shape. Each pair of false eyelashes is attached to a real eyelash, creating a certain thickness, erasing the inferiority of women. The girls have thin, thin eyelashes. The advantage of this eyelash extension method is that it can be suitable for all subjects, especially those with weak eyelashes.

angel lashes

Choosing the right type of eyelash extensions will contribute to concealing defects and increasing the beauty, attractiveness and sharpness of the eyes. From there, women will be able to be more confident every day, without overdoing on makeup and beauty cosmetics. 

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