10 types of lip spray will be a trend 2023

Lip spray styles are becoming a method A sought-after beauty method that effectively corrects lip defects. Not to mention, poor quality lipsticks containing a lot of lead make the lips dark, dull and less charming. Below is a summary of modern lip sprays that bring beautiful, plump, sexy lips without fear of fading. 

Collagen lip spray type Collagen lip

spray is the latest technology using natural collagen essence to help restore and regenerate youthful lips. Modern technology creates beautiful natural lip color, clear mold and lip contour, and benign inkjet ink. In addition to improving lip color, collagen lip spray helps nourish lips from deep within. You will own a new look for plump, soft lips after spraying.

3D lip tattoo spray 3D lip

spray is a technique that uses a tattoo sprayer to put colorants into the epidermis to create 3D lip color and clear lip contours. This spray helps to treat pale lips, thin or thick lips effectively. Lips become rosy, glossy, naturally beautiful and long-lasting.


lip spray technique Crystal lip spray technique uses micro-point spray technology with nano-needle tip to evenly distribute ink into the lip cuticle. The outer layer of the lips is covered with a glossy, crystal-like shine to create a feeling of smoothness and charm. This method is painless, does not take time to rest, but improves the defects of the lips, ensuring natural beauty.

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Sooty lip tattooing

The trend of sooty lip tattooing originated in Korea and became a trend among young people because the lip color represents dynamism. The method of spraying soot lips creates a dark color in the inside of the lips and gradually fades out to the lips. The technique helps to overcome rough blemishes to bring smooth and fresh lips. 

Spray lips and treat dark lips

lips Spray type treat dark lips quickly helps to overcome dark and dull lips, quickly bringing a bright pink color to the lips. The lip removal process is extremely long-lasting and accurate in color when cared for properly. The method of lip spray treatment to improve lip color is more suitable for girls who prefer natural lip color. 

Candy Lips lip spray Candy Lips

lip spray technology combines stem cells and then covers the lips with color to become soft, shiny and naturally rosy. The lip spray technique does not cause pain, swelling, damage and does not require any downtime. Candy Lips lip spray technology is suitable for lips that are dark, pale, lifeless and flaky and chapped.

Candy Lips

Charm Baby lip spray technology Charm Baby

lip spray is considered an improved step of micro-touch lip spray technology to help lips become smoother and more supple. Compared with the old technology that took a lot of time to refine the spray line, the Charm Baby technology uses an ultra-thin injector system and an electronic nozzle. Therefore, the spray color is gentle, spreads quickly, and the lips are naturally beautiful after spraying. 

Stem cell lip spray

type Stem cell lip spray is a combination of modern spray technique and natural stem cell essence. This method uses a micro-needle tip, the speed of needle movement is fast, so it does not cause swelling, pain, or bleeding. The lip spray process takes place quickly to bring out natural beautiful soft lips without the need for lip balm. 

European technology lip spray style European

technology uses micro-needle tattooing technique, fast moving speed to bring colorant into the lip epidermis. This method helps plump lips, fresh colors and natural beauty after spraying. In particular, herbal ink is safe, non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin and effectively improves lip defects.

Natural lip spray

The method of spraying natural, smooth pink lips from the land of kimchi makes her fascinated for a long time. Women should eat and drink and move their lips often to increase the amount of blood under the lips to help them heal. At the same time, let the lips gradually dry and then peel off and should combine with moisturizing lipstick every day.

The lip spray method brings beauty and freshness to the face and overcomes disadvantages to help women be more confident in communication. Each type of lip spray will be suitable for each different lip condition. To choose the right lip spray method, contact us for more expert advice. 

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