Brows lamination

Stretching eyebrows, the most favorite beauty trend of women in 2022. This method helps women to own slender, elite eyebrows. 

What is Brows lamination?

Brows lamination is done by straightening the eyebrows with cream and swiping upwards according to the desired eyebrow shape, improving the condition of downward, floating, and curly eyebrows.

Normally, eyebrows will tend to grow in a horizontal direction, tapering towards the tail, making the eyebrows look very sparse and thin. Stretching the eyebrows helps the eyebrows to be combed upright, increasing the width of the eyebrows to help the eyebrows look thicker and fuller than they were originally. Eyebrows that are thinned will be longer and softer than the original. Therefore, the new eyebrow shape will become more natural after implementation.


Here are a few outstanding advantages of the beauty method “storming” on the cosmetic market today:

  • are clearly framed, increasing the highlight of the face. .
  • Eyebrows are fixed for a long time.
  • Less time consuming care.
  • Eyebrows are fuller and healthier looking.

Who is Brows lamination suitable for?

This is a beauty method suitable for most customers because it makes the eyebrows become sharp, full, increasing the attractiveness of the face.. Besides, they are also adjusted to the best shape. with the face, improve defects such as uneven, sparse eyebrows.

However, the main customers of this service are still customers who own curly eyebrows, eyebrows tend to go down.

Is eyebrow stretching painful?

Unlike eyebrow sculpting, the method of eyebrow stretching does not cause pain or any damage to the eyebrow area. At the same time, the procedure does not cause irritation, swelling that affects your eyebrows.

For sensitive, easily irritated and acne-prone skin, customers are completely assured because the experts at PMU will check and determine the skin condition before the procedure to ensure safety and effectiveness. Eyebrows are optimal.

Medical standard Brows lamination process Brows lamination

is the most chosen beauty service at PMU. Here, the process will be done in 5 steps as follows;

Step 1: 

Clean the eyebrow area with a specialized solution, then dry it with a makeup remover to remove dirt and bacteria from the surface of the eyebrows.

Step 2: 

Use a wax pen to outline the eyebrows according to the desired shape. Next is to use the eyebrow brush to brush the eyebrow hairs according to the selected shape and proceed to trim the excess eyebrow.

Step 3:

Apply a specialized drug to straighten the eyebrows, then wrap it with plastic so that the eyebrows are fixed according to the selected eyebrow shape.

Step 4:

Continue to apply the second layer of medicine to make the eyebrows stronger and keep the crease longer.

Step 5:

Use a makeup remover to wipe off the residue and proceed to clean the eyebrows.

Normally, the Brows lamination procedure at PMU only takes 30-60 minutes to perform. After implementation, customers will immediately have their desired eyebrows, balanced and in harmony with the face.

Beauty moment
Brows lamination

How to care after eyebrow

straightening For Brows lamination, the aftercare method is extremely simple and easy to follow. 

  • Customers just need to not let their eyebrows come into direct contact with water and heat within the first 24 hours after the procedure. 
  • Do not apply makeup to the eyebrow area at least for the first 24 hours.
  • Using eyebrow oil after 7 days of implementation helps support, promote growth and good function of eyebrow follicles. At the same time, keep the eyebrows fixed and stronger.


Above, are the things you need to know before doing Brows lamination. Contact PMU immediately for advice on implementation and update useful information related to eyebrow stretching.

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