Correcting old & refreshing

Eyebrow tattooing is a beauty method that helps girls quickly own eyebrows with the right shape and color in harmony with the face. But due to many different reasons, many women no longer find it suitable for eyebrow shape and come to the decision to fix the old and renew the eyebrows.

What is fixing old and renewing eyebrows?

With this service, your eyebrows will be corrected and overcome all defects such as inappropriate eyebrow shape, red ink, uneven color or too dark color. The method of fixing and renewing the eyebrows using modern laser technology and advanced tattooing tools is carried out meticulously embroidered or sprayed on top of the eyebrows, bringing the eyebrows as desired, balanced and extremely safe. for sisters without erasing.

Advantages of repairing old and renewing eyebrows

  • Repairing old and renewing eyebrows does not cause bleeding or burning pain, ensuring absolute safety.
  • Completely remove old tattoo ink, easily spray new tattoo as desired.
  • Effectively applied to even the case of deep, long-lasting eyebrow tattoo ink.
  • No downtime.
  • The process of repairing and renewing eyebrows is certified by the Ministry of Health for
  • a long-lasting effect.

The process of fixing old and renewing eyebrows

The process of fixing old and renewing eyebrows scientifically consists of 6 steps:

Step 1: Check the condition of your eyebrows and consult

Here, the estheticians at PMU will conduct an inspection. Check, determine the current eyebrow condition and advise on eyebrow styles that match the wishes of the customer.

Step 2: Disinfection and anesthesia

The experts will clean the skin of the eyebrow area that needs intervention, then conduct disinfection to completely remove dirt and bacteria on the skin. Finally, anesthesia is performed to make it easy and painless for the client. Depending on each client, the incubation time will take longer, but usually only 5-10 minutes for this stage.

Step 3: Measure and draw eyebrow shape

Measure, adjust the ratio and draw the customer’s desired eyebrow shape.

Step 4: Repair the old and renew the eyebrows

The experts will carry out embroidery or tattoo spraying on the old eyebrow shape according to the adjusted ratio and the eyebrow shape has just been drawn, bringing new balanced eyebrows, The color is in harmony with the face.

Step 5: Apply a layer of cream on the new eyebrow area 

Step 6: After-care instructions

Customers will be instructed by experts on how to take care of their new eyebrows after implementation for optimal results and maintain the effect for a long time.

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Correcting old & refreshing

How to care after fixing old and renewing eyebrows

How to care for after fixing old and renewing eyebrows is very important, determining the outcome of the process. Therefore, women need to take proper care to avoid infections. At the same time, helping tattoo ink to get the standard color to bring beautiful eyebrows.

Care process:

In the early stages, you will feel a bit uncomfortable because of the young skin being formed. You absolutely must not scratch or pry the peeling scales. This is very easy to affect the color process of tattoo ink.

Cleaning the newly sprayed eyebrows

This job helps to remove dirt and bacteria from the surface of the eyebrows to help reduce inflammation and swelling after implementation. At the same time, support promotes the peeling process to take place faster. 

You should wash your eyebrows regularly about 2-3 times a day with physiological saline or warm water to achieve the desired effect.

Apply antibiotic ointment after fixing and renewing the eyebrows

During the process, the ink is inserted through the micro-nozzle which acts directly on the surface of the skin but also more or less causes damage to the skin. Therefore, applying ointment will help soothe the damaged skin and protect the skin from inflammation, minimizing swelling and pain.

Diet after fixing old and renewing eyebrows

In the first time after repairing and renewing eyebrows, women should abstain from foods containing substances that cause swelling, scarring and inflammation such as water spinach, beef, chicken, sticky rice, seafood and eggs. Absolutely do not use stimulants such as tobacco, alcoholic beverages, …

At the same time, supplement foods rich in vitamins A and C such as carrots, tomatoes, oranges, passion fruit, … Eyebrows quickly recover and up to standard color. Drink a lot of water every day to increase the moisture in the skin, help the skin eliminate toxins better.

In addition, in the early stages, women will feel a little uncomfortable itching due to the young skin being formed. You absolutely must not scratch or pry the peeling scales. This is very easy to affect the color process of tattoo ink.


Above, is general information about the service of repairing and renewing eyebrows at PMU. Hope this useful information will make it easier for you to choose eyebrow service.

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