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Eyelash tinting is a beauty service that has attracted a lot of attention from women in recent times. So what kind of service is this? Is it safe? What are the advantages of eyelash dyeing service? The following article will be a detailed answer, helping you have more choices when beautifying for this Tet holiday. 

What is eyelash dyeing service?

Similar to hair dyeing, eyebrow dyeing, and eyelash dyeing it helps to change the color of eyelashes. Because the location to be dyed is very sensitive, the process, dyeing chemicals and techniques always need to ensure quality, safety and accuracy.

Currently, there are 4 popular dye colors to choose from. Each color is a beautiful, impressive feature and is suitable for different subjects: 

  • Black: Eyelash tinting black makes the eyelashes look thicker, the eyes glitter sharper and more prominent. For people who dyed black, applying mascara is considered unnecessary because the aesthetic effect has exceeded expectations.
  • Brown: If you want to have a synchronization between brown hair color and the color of eyebrows and eyelashes, this is the perfect choice. This color helps the eyes become attractive and creates a strong personality. 
  • Charcoal blue: The color is youthful and outstanding, helping women to have the perfect look. This color is suitable for young people who like to break out. 
  • Light gray: This is a color that is not too prominent but also not faded. The light gray color turns the eyes into glitter like jewels. 

Advantages of eyelash dyeing service

  • Improve eye defects, eyelashes look thicker, darker and more defined
  • Create thicker eyelashes, in harmony with eyes and face
  • Save time on makeup eye part, no need to apply mascara
  • Create a color that is in harmony with the hair

color The dyeing time is quite long, the aesthetic effect is high.

The process of performing the eyelash dyeing service

will only bring high aesthetic effect if you perform services at a reputable and quality spa facility. In terms of the process, the steps follow a certain technique and route. 

Therefore, the factors of chemicals, dyeing equipment, techniques of the performer are the things that she needs to pay special attention to when choosing a spa to perform the service. This helps to ensure the safety of your health because this is a method with potentially dangerous problems if done incorrectly. Here is the service implementation process for your reference:

  • Step 1: Consult before dyeing to choose the right color.
  • Step 2: Proceed to mix the dye and prepare the tools
  • Step 3: Test the body’s reaction to the dye at the arm and elbow 5 minutes before dyeing.
  • Step 4: Perform eye protection step by sticking the skin around the eyes with a specialized tool 
  • Step 5: Apply the mixed mixture to the eyelashes
  • Step 6: Rinse the eyelashes with water, remove the dye
  • Step 7: Consulting after dyeing care and finishing the course.
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How to care after performing the eyelash dyeing service

The beauty of dyed eyelashes is maintained or not partly depends on the daily care of women. In order not to affect and harm the eyes, eyelash care also needs to follow the correct process and principles. Specifically, the following notes:

  • Do not wash with water immediately after dyeing to avoid color fading as well as limit chemicals getting into the eyes
  • Use a cotton swab gently, do not rub or touch the eyelids
  • Regularly use the product Eyelash conditioner to maintain color as well as enhance the strength of eyelashes. Coconut oil is one of the top choices in the care of dyed eyelashes.
  • Limit exposure of eyelashes to harmful environmental factors such as: sun, wind, rain … 
  • Do not wash your face with hot water because it is easy to fade the color of eyelashes
  • In the first week, you should not use cosmetics for the part.eyelashes

Dyeingbrings natural beauty, impressive and a bit disruptive to women’s eyelashes. Eyelash dyeing is said to be potentially dangerous because chemicals can get in the eyes. In fact, this will happen if you do not select reputable addresses. Hopefully the above information will be the basis of information to help you make the right choices in beauty. 


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