Lip Pigment Correction

Spraying lips and treating dark lips is a painless beauty method that overcomes all defects of the lips.

Spray lips and treat dark lips without pain, effective up to 99.99%

Dry, dark and dark lips are an undesirable condition that appears in both men and women. The main reason is due to improper living habits and lip care. To overcome this situation, the only way is to go to reputable spas and aestheticians to perform darkening and spray new lip colors.

What is lip spray and darkening treatment?

Lip balm is a solution to help overcome dry, dark lips. From there, improve the lip color and regain the natural beauty of the lips.

Lip spray is a method of beautifying the lips, increasing the lip color according to the desired color to help the lips become more attractive and prominent. Usually, customers will be advised to remove dark lips first so that the lips can be sprayed with a more natural and standard color.

These two methods both use micro-needle needles to gently enter the ink into the skin, the ink goes evenly and thoroughly treats all cases, including long-standing dark lips, without color.

Advantages of the method of lip spray and darkening treatment

  • Fast implementation time
  • No burning pain or damage to the surrounding skin.
  • Effective up to 99.99%, long-lasting.
  • Helps stimulate collagen production cells to nourish lips from deep inside for soft lips.
  • Absolutely safe, no irritation.

The procedure for lip spray and lip treatment for dark lips

The procedure for darkening lips at PMU is carried out as follows:

Step 1: Examination, consultation and determination of the condition of the lips.

Step 2: Sterilize and numb

Step 3: Carry out darkening of the lips

Step 4: Clean the lips again and apply a lip protection moisturizer.

Step 5: Double check and home care instructions.

The lip spray procedure at PMU is carried out as follows:

Step 1: Examination and determination of lip condition.

Step 2: Advice on lip shape and color to harmonize with your face and skin tone.

Step 3: Test the sensitivity of the lip area with ink spray to avoid skin irritation. After that, numbing is carried out to help the client feel comfortable during the procedure.

Step 4: Perform lip spray

All equipment used in the lip spray process is sterilized before implementation. Specialists will use specialized lip spray equipment to put ink under the skin.

Step 5: Clean the lip area, make an appointment for a follow-up appointment and guide you on how to take care of your lips at home.

How to care for lips after lip spray and treatment of dark lips

How to care for lips after spraying and treating dark lips is a decisive factor in whether your treatment results are successful or not? Proper lip care helps lips to have a standard color, keep the right shape of the lips and vice versa. Here are a few notes for you when taking care of your lips at home:

  • Do not touch the skin of the lips at the beginning of the treatment unless cleaning your lips, make sure your hands are always clean before touching.
  • Apply lip balm twice a day.
  • No makeup, no scrubs.
  • Supplement with vitamins A, C and drink lots of water for quick recovery and standard color.
  • Do not expose lips to direct sunlight or water for at least the first 5 days.
  • Gently clean the lips with physiological saline to avoid dirt sticking to the lips.
  • During the time when the lips are scaly, absolutely do not scratch, pry or peel off.
  • Do not use stimulants or alcoholic beverages. Abstain from foods that cause scarring, such as: beef, chicken, water spinach, sticky rice, …


It is necessary to follow the lip care notes at home to achieve the desired treatment effect. Contact PMU for advice and answers to all questions related to lip spray and treatment of dark lips. Register now to own attractive offers only for pre-registered customers.

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