Lip Shaping

Lip spray is one of the most modern methods today to help overcome and improve defects in the lips. Learn about the thin-walled lip spray as well as its advantages and procedures to help you have a basis for selection. Along with that, we provide instructions on how to properly care for it to ensure aesthetic results.

What is thin-walled lip injection service?

Lip injection is a method of using modern technology with a micro-needle tip, bringing the ink spray with the desired color to the surface of the skin. Experiencing the lip spray process, your lips have a natural color, no need for lipstick, but still fresh, rosy, limiting the darkening or dryness caused by poor quality lipstick.

Because the defect of thick lips makes many women feel self-conscious, the thick lip spray service was born, focusing on overcoming the characteristics of thick lips, creating the effect of thin, slim and balanced lips. 

service the thin-walled lip spray is also a step to remove dark spots and remove dead cells on the lips. Those who have congenital dark lips, dark lips due to location or harmful effects of cosmetics can completely overcome with this advanced technology. 

The lip color after spraying lasts for a long time, helping women save time in the makeup process as well as reduce a large amount of money on cosmetics every year. Currently, there are 4 types of lip spray that are often chosen by women, including:

  • 3D
  • lip spray, soot color
  • lip spray, collagen lip
  • spray, crystal lip spray,

advantages of service

Being one of the leading advanced services in stores At the current spa facility, thin-walled lip spray is chosen by most of the the benefits that she will receive when using the above service:

  • Regain the natural beauty of the lips: Using lipstick is normal for every girl. However, not everyone is satisfied with the lipstick color they use. Spraying lips helps her get the right color for a long time without lipstick.
  • Overcome the disadvantages of lips: Many women have thick lips that make the whole face not really balanced. Moreover, dark lips make the lipstick application process fail because the lipstick color is not beautiful. Lip spray is the optimal choice, solving this problem.
  • Saving time and costs: The cost of lip spray is not too high today. Moreover, women also do not need to spend time sitting in front of the mirror every time they prepare to go out or go to work every morning to choose a lipstick color or to apply lipstick without smearing. 
  • High aesthetic effect thanks to modern technology: The equipment and machinery used for thin-walled lip injection are the most modern equipment today. Lip spray technology overcomes the weaknesses of previous lip beautification methods, bringing perfect results to service users. 
  • The procedure is painless and does not leave scars: Thanks to the use of advanced technology and micro needles, the whole procedure of putting ink under the surface of the skin does not cause pain. In addition, the application of anesthetic anesthetic also contributes to eliminating discomfort or pain during the procedure. This is a non-invasive beauty method that does not interfere with the skin, so it does not cause any injuries.
  • Fast lip spray time, long-lasting beauty: The service is performed by a skilled worker at a prestigious spa facility that will ensure the lip color retention time from 4-5 years. Even longer if you have the right way to take care and nourish your lips. 

Service process

A professional spa facility always builds a thick-walled lip spray scientifically, according to the general process of modern lip spray technology. Lip treatment, darkening or broken spray repair will be done before lip spray. The specific step-by-step process is as follows:

  • Step 1: The spa facility checks the condition of the lips
  • Step 2: Sanitizes, disinfects, and exfoliates the lips
  • Step 3: Incubates the lips before treatment
  • Step 4: Proceeds step to remove dark lips with specialized tools
  • Step 5: Clean and moisturize the lips, finish the lip treatment process.

After being treated and de-blurred, the girls will proceed to the lip spray step. In fact, the processing step will only be applied if absolutely necessary. Therefore, please take the time to learn and listen to the advice of experts!  

  • Step 1: Spa consultation before spraying
  • Step 2: Cleaning, exfoliating and nourishing the lips before spraying
  • Step 3: Incubating and preparing to spray the lips
  • Step 4: Conduct lip spray with micro-needle and ink previously selected
  • Step 5: At the end of the process, the specialist takes care of the customer after spraying. 

How to care after using the service

The results of lips on standard, even and beautiful color or not will depend quite a lot on the post-spray care. That is the reason why professionals often spend a long time in this step, before the end of the process. Here are the issues to note after using the thin-walled lip spray:

  • Care principles: You must not let your lips get wet for at least 1 week after spraying. Therefore, if you drink water, you should use a straw. Next, do not neglect to apply Vitamin A before scabs, apply lip balm after scabs. Finally, the treatment of blisters with anti-inflammatory ointments. 
  • Follow the recommendations on foods to eat: Scientific nutrition will help the color of the lips after spraying to be more beautiful. The foods for women after using the service are: milk, carrots, yogurt, tomatoes, pineapples, fresh fruits… 
  • Eliminate foods that affect the lip color process: In addition to the good foods for newbies to lip tattoo, there will also be those that hinder the process of coloring and peeling. These can be mentioned: chicken, seafood, beef, stimulants, chicken eggs, foods from glutinous rice, water spinach…    
  • Some other notes: Do not rub, use your hands to peel off the skin of your lips; Do not stretch the lips while the lips are in the healing phase; Shield to protect lips against external environmental influences; Do not use cosmetics on the lip area. 

service thin-walled lip spray is the perfect choice to help her regain her confidence after the defects on her lips. Proper understanding of the advantages and implementation process helps you have more basis for the process of choosing a beauty method.

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