Nipple/Areola Permanent Makeup

Dark and dull nipples is an inferiority complex, reducing the attractiveness of women to “partners”. Therefore, many women have found a method to make pink nipples to regain their inherent beauty and increase their attractiveness.

What is pink areola?

Pink areola is a beauty method that helps the nipples to be naturally rosy and fresh like the original by changing the biological skin and using vitamin essences to act on the nipples to remove dark spots on the head. ti.

This method helps inhibit the development of melanin, destroy the dark pigments that make the nipples pink quickly. At the same time, support cells to produce collagen and elastin to help regenerate new cells, restore damaged cells for a fresher, smoother and healthier breast.

Outstanding advantages when making areola pink

The method of making areola pink received positive reviews from so many women is thanks to the following outstanding advantages:

  • Not only making the nipples pink, but also helping to regenerate and rejuvenate Breast.

The method works according to the mechanism, only affecting the skin epidermis. The process is quick, gentle, painless, non-abrasive, uncomplicated, does not leave scars, and does not cause irritation.

  • Effective long-term maintenance, absolute safety

The course of treatment using vitamins and essences extracted from nature certified as safe by the US FDA has the effect of regenerating, destroying dark and dull areas in a short time. long time.

  • Affordable treatment costs.

With only a small cost, it helps to make your nipples more rosy and pretty.

  • Short implementation time

A procedure to make the areola pink only lasts from 30-45 minutes depending on the dark and dull condition of the nipple. 


according to medical standards, committed to absolute safety for customers. The procedure to make the areola pink takes place as follows:

Step 1: Examine and determine the situation of the nipple. Then, advise the method and treatment direction for the customer.

Step 2: Clean and disinfect the customer’s nipple area with a specialized solution.

Step 3: Use a cotton pad to soak up the essence drop by drop to apply on the nipple, nipple and nipple area. Continue to apply until white foam appears, then stop. 

Step 4: Clean and gently clean the nipple area.

Step 5: Instructions for taking care of the nipple area after implementation.

How to care after pink areola

after the procedure of pink areola is performed, the skin in the nipple area will be tight and dry and begin to regenerate the skin. Therefore, women need to take care of their nipples properly to ensure the best treatment results.

  • Apply specialized breast care serum 2-3 times/day provided by PMU.
  • Absolutely do not use your hands to scratch or touch the nipple area when there is a peeling phenomenon. This can cause nipple damage and even scarring.
  • Abstain from male and female sex until the nipples are rosy and fully recovered.
  • Abstain from foods that cause scarring and darkening such as beef, chicken, sticky rice, water spinach, seafood, etc.
  • Do not have a strong impact on the nipple area.
  • Do not use shower gel or cleaning products containing detergents on the nipples.
  • Wear a bra made of lightweight, comfortable material that doesn’t rub too hard to avoid injuring your nipples.
  • Gently clean the nipples with physiological saline.

Thus, making the areola pink is very important for women. Not only does it help to get rid of dark spots, but it also increases excitement during sex, keeping the fire of family happiness. If you are interested in the service of pink areola, please contact PMU immediately for advice and service experience.

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