Permanent Lower Eyeliner

Spraying lower eyelids is a beauty method that many women love. Now, you have a big round eyes, full of highlights anytime, anywhere without having to spend too much time on makeup. Under the skillful hands of experts at PMU, your eyes will definitely become more attractive and elegant than before.

What is lower eyelid injection?

Spray the lower eyelid to make the eyes sharper, bigger and rounder by using a tattoo sprayer with a micro-needle to go on the edge of the eyelid, bringing the ink deep into the skin so that the eyelid contour is elegant and natural looking. than.

Eyelid spray helps to overcome the condition of pale eyelids, short eyelid lines. Increase depth and create a more rounded feeling for the eyes.

Eyeliner is considered the most difficult step in the daily makeup process of women. It depends quite a lot on the skill and the “unlucky” level of that day. Therefore, many women have chosen to spray the lower eyelid to save time for daily makeup.

Advantages of lower eyelid spraying Lower

eyelid spray technology is the leading beauty technology of 2022. Therefore, it is not surprising that the technology possesses a number of outstanding advantages such as:

  • Helping the eyes became should be large and round, “cheat” depth to create a feeling that the eyes are more alive and attractive.
  • Save your makeup time.
  • Affordable service cost.
  • It takes only 30-60 minutes to make.
  • Long-lasting effect, long-lasting ink.
  • Does not affect the customer’s eyesight or health.
  • Doesn’t sting or irritate eyes.

Lower eyelid spraying procedure Lower

eyelid spraying is done in the eye area, which is an extremely sensitive area on the face. Therefore, in order to implement this method, it is necessary to have a team of highly skilled and skillful experts along with the safety inspection process of the Ministry of Health to be able to give satisfactory results. Best.

Surely, here a lot of women want to find out how the process of spraying the lower eyelids at PMU takes place, right? Let’s find out the detailed steps in the process of performing medical-standard lower eyelid spraying below:

Step 1: Examine, determine eye condition and advise on suitable styles and methods of eyelid spraying.

Step 2: Clean and around the eyes to remove bacteria with makeup remover cotton or physiological saline to ensure safety during implementation.

Step 3: Use antibiotic ointment to completely remove bacteria on the skin to help the process go smoothly and safely.

Step 4: Perform anesthesia so that the client does not feel pain, discomfort and reduces anxiety during the procedure.

Step 5: The specialist sprays the lower eyelid with ink and an eyelid sprayer with a micro-needle according to the outline of the eyelid.

Step 6: Clean the area around the eyes, check again, take care and guide how to care.

How to care after spraying the lower eyelid

In order for the eyes to recover quickly after spraying the lower eyelid, you need to have the right care method, to ensure that the eyelid spray is as desired.

  • Keep the newly sprayed eyelid area clean and protect your eyes with sunglasses to limit dust and dirt from sticking to your eyes.
  • Do not let water come into contact with the eyelids because water can cause the ink color to smudge, causing infection.
  • Do not use cosmetics or facial cleansers on newly sprayed eyelids.
  • Never rub your eyes.
  • Limit exposure to light from phones, computers, etc., take time for your eyes to rest more.


Understanding the information related to lower eyelid spray and how to take care of it after implementation helps you own the eyes with the right eyelids as desired. Good luck with your beauty treatments.

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