Remove eyelashes

Remove eyelashes is done after beautifying by eyelash extension method. Customers wishing to remove eyelashes should do the service to ensure the health of eyelashes and eyes.

Removing eyelashes is a type of service present in most beauty establishments. Modern women are comfortable changing their style with a variety of different services. A typical example of which is eyelid services. Learning more about the eyelash removal service will help you feel more secure when you need to change your appearance. The article will bring a lot of necessary and useful information.

What is eyelash removal service?

Removing eyelashes is one of the popular beauty services. Female customers coming to a beauty salon often want to change their appearance to be more confident in communication. Owning a long and curled eyelashes is always the dream of many girls because of the youthful charm of the eyelashes as gentle as clouds.

Women with short eyelashes often have a desire to lengthen their eyelashes to make the face more delicate. However, customers after eyelash extensions have the desire to remove eyelashes for some personal reasons. In order to remove eyelashes smoothly, customers should use the service for this stage. This helps to ensure the safety of real eyelashes, avoiding eyelash loss if the eyelash extensions are not properly removed.


Eyelash sometimes makes customers confused if they plan to remove it at home. Therefore, customers using the service are completely assured of the quality with the following advantages:

  • Fast and procedural: Beauty experts will check the actual eyelashes after joining. Evaluate the level of service and perform the service according to the process. Quick implementation time, gentle method. 
  • Safe with real eyelashes: When customers have eyelash extensions, glues are used to connect real eyelashes with false eyelashes. The use of glue to create adhesive for eyelashes. Sometimes some customers even attach stones on their eyelashes to create a break. Therefore, improper removal of eyelashes will cause real eyelashes to fall out. Removing eyelashes according to the service package performed by experts should ensure the safety of real eyelashes.
  • protection eyelids : The skin on Eyelid is thin and sensitive. With professionalism, training and experience, the expert uses the right method to remove eyelashes without affecting this skin area. Skin does not sag or glue, does not affect after finishing work.

How to perform the task of

removing eyelashes is the concern of many women when using this service. The process when removing eyelashes as well as eyelash extensions are methodical, orderly and carefully tested. The implementation of eyelash removal will always ensure the following steps:

Step 1: Preparation 

Before proceeding with the procedure, experts check the necessary tools during use. Tools include:

  • cleaning bottle Eyelash, wax used to remove eyelashes.
  • Cotton swab of suitable size, physiological saline solution.
  • Specialized tweezers remove eyelashes, tissue and specialized adhesive tape.

Step 2: Check and clean eyelashes

Experts check the existing condition of eyelashes, evaluate the quality of eyelash extensions. Thereby, a suitable method of removing eyelashes is proposed. After the examination, cleaning of the eyelid area before the procedure is performed.

Step 3: Line the fabric under the lashes and stick the tape 

A thin layer of fabric is lined under the lashes. At the same time, specialized adhesive tape to remove eyelashes is also glued to the layer of eyelashes.

Step 4: Apply specialized wax and incubate the

specialized wax to remove the eyelashes, which has the effect of peeling off the old eyelash extension glue. The specialist will apply a layer of wax to the lashes and leave for the specified time for 10 minutes. At the same time, the expert uses a cotton swab to gently stroke the incubated eyelashes with the purpose of waxing more evenly.

Step 5: Pull the extension

after incubating the eyelashes with specialized wax. The layer of eyelash extensions will gradually dissolve the glue. At this time, pulling the eyelash extension layer requires the right technique, the movement must be gentle and decisive, carefully.

Step 6: Check the remaining eyelash extensions and clean the real lashes

In this step, most of the eyelash extensions have been removed. However, experts must check with a cotton swab to make sure the extensions have been removed. Next, the expert cleans the wax remaining on the real eyelashes.

Step 7: Thoroughly clean the real lash area.

Professionals use a dedicated cleaning bottle to clean the real lash area. The pads under the lashes when incubating are removed. A cotton swab moistened with physiological saline is used to clean the eyelashes. 

Step 8: Clean the eye area

Finally, the specialist drops physiological saline to wash the eyes and soothe the skin right under the eyelids . Besides, the instillation of physiological saline also helps kill bacteria after removing eyelashes. 

Good care to ensure healthy eyelashes after using the service

The removal of eyelashes is completed, customers need to pay attention to important conditions for eyelash care. Eyelash care needs to be done daily to ensure healthy eyelashes. Customers should pay attention to the following notes:

  • Limit the use of mascara and do not rub your eyes: Using mascara when applying makeup or brushing your eyelashes will quickly damage and break your eyelashes. In addition, the act of rubbing the eyes also causes the same damage to the eyelashes. This is something to avoid after removing eyelash extensions.
  • Regular eyelash care with specialized products: It is very important to use quality and branded products for eyelash care. Eyelashes are nourished healthy, thick and long. Besides, the use of natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil also has a good effect on eyelashes.
  • Daily eyelash massage: The massaged eyelid skin will enhance blood circulation. The eye area is relaxed, increasing eye health. 

Removing eyelashes is an indispensable step after women have eyelash extensions to beautify. Usually, eyelash extensions are done from 2 to 4 weeks before you can remove your eyelashes. However, due to many other objective reasons, the removal of eyelashes must be done early. Therefore, you need to have certain knowledge about this service to make an appropriate choice. 


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