Thick and designed Classic lashes


Thick and design classic eyelash extensions are a natural method of eyelash extensions favored by women because of their ease of use, just need the skillful and creative hands of the connector, you will own a natural but still extremely beautiful pair. fascinating period. Let’s find out this very popular eyelash extension style right here in the article below.

Classic eyelash extensions and design

Classic eyelash extensions are a basic eyelash extension technique, the foundation for other eyelash extensions techniques. This is a type of eyelash extension that has existed for more than 20 years but is still popularly used by women until now.

The classic eyelash extension technique is performed under the one by one method, each false eyelash will be attached to each real eyelash to make the eyelashes look thicker and fuller. However, the number of eyelash extensions will also be adjusted and balanced by the experts according to the health of the eyelashes so that the eyelashes are not too heavy or cover the eye causing discomfort. 

Advantages of thick classic eyelash extension method and design

  • The number of eyelash extensions is evenly distributed on the real eyelashes, bringing attractive beauty.
  • Long time to use eyelashes.
  • The average lifespan of this type of eyelash extension is 3 months. However, if you know how to take care of eyelash extensions, you can extend the use of eyelashes up to 5 months to save money on beauty costs for you.
  • Lashes are creative and designed to suit the face and lash health.
  • Doesn’t make real lashes fall out.
  • The method does not affect or affect real eyelashes, so you can be completely assured when applying classic eyelash extensions.

The classic eyelash extension process and design

The classic eyelash extension technique is simple, but requires a skilled worker, good technique to skillfully attach each eyelash to the standard with real eyelashes. Here is the procedure for performing a medical-standard classic eyelash extension at PMU:

Step 1: Design and choose the type of eyelashes, the size of the eyelashes

Based on the current health status of the eyelashes, you can request the type of thick eyelashes you want. would like.

Step 2: Clean the eyelashes and prepare the eyelash extension tool

In order not to have an infection, the eyelash extensions will be cleaned, disinfected and sterilized by the specialist before joining.

Step 3: Carry out classic eyelash extensions

The process of making eyelash extensions is quick and painless.

Use specialized tweezers to take 1 false eyelash, then dip the false eyelash into the eyelash glue and carefully paste it gently on the real eye and repeat until done.

Step 4: Check eyelashes and guide to eyelash care after joining.

Check and align your lashes to make sure you don’t feel entangled or uncomfortable with your lashes after connecting. Advise and guide customers on how to take care of eyelash extensions to be durable and beautiful.

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How to take care of eyelashes after applying thick classic eyelash extensions and design

Proper eyelash care after implementation helps eyelash extensions look beautiful and increase the durability of eyelashes. Experts at PMU will advise and guide you on how to care for you after the procedure. All you need to do is follow the care instructions properly.

  • Clean eyelashes with clean water after a day of classic eyelash extensions.
  • After performing eyelash extensions, you need to avoid contact with water for the first 18-24 hours. If the eyelashes are wet, it will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesion, making the eyelashes more likely to burst.
  • After 1 day of eyelash extensions is the ideal time for girls to clean their eyelashes with clean water.
  • Abstain from applying heat to the eyelashes for the first 2 days. 
  • Use a gentle eyelash brush every day to make your lashes more even and beautiful, making them more natural and elegant.
  • Do not use cosmetics containing essential oils and oils for the eyelash area. Only use eyelash conditioners with natural, benign extracts that make eyelashes stronger and smoother. Operations should be done gently and carefully.
  • Quit the habit of rubbing your eyes, lying on your stomach to avoid affecting the shape of your eyelashes.
  • Regularly use sunglasses when going out, prevent dust and limit harmful agents from sticking to your eyes.

Above, is information related to thick classic eyelash extension service and design at PMU. Hopefully, you will have more information to refer to and choose the right eyelash extension style.

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