Thick and designed Volume lashes

Thick volume and design eyelash extensions are popular eyelash extensions, used often by girls. This type of eyelash extension helps the eyes become big and round, creating a highlight to increase attraction to everyone.

What is volume eyelash extensions?

Volume eyelash extension is a technology-based eyelash extension technique using eyelash fans, which is created by hand in batches of 3.4 fibers on a real eyelash. 

In addition to creating curvature for the eyelashes, volume eyelash extensions also help the eyes look bigger and more attractive. That is the reason that the girls who are passionate about time aesthetics are very fond of this type of eyelash extension.

Depending on the desired thickness, the customer can request a suitable eyelash style such as:

Mi volume 3D: Fan eyelashes are spread about 3 false eyelashes into a beam on 1 real eyelash.

Mi volume 4D: Similar to volume 3D, but different, there are 4 false eyelashes on 1 real eyelash.

Volume 5D eyelashes: Similar to the above two types of eyelashes, volume 5D eyelash extensions have 5 false eyelashes on 1 real eyelash.

However, in order to connect volume eyelashes, customers need to have a healthy eyelash to ensure that it does not affect the real eyelashes.

Advantages of thick volume eyelash extension technique and design

  • Increases attraction and makes a great impression The
  • eyes look bigger and more attractive. Especially, there is no need to use false eyelashes during makeup because it is more beautiful than all false eyelashes on the market.
  • Long time to use eyelashes.
  • Volume eyelash extensions have a usage time of nearly 2 months. With proper care, eyelashes will be even more beautiful and durable.
  • Affordable price 
  • Short eyelash extension time.

Thick and design volume eyelash extension process

Currently, the volume eyelash extension process at PMU is performed according to the following steps:

Step 1: Check and determine the status of eyelashes before joining.

Step 2: Consult and choose the thickness and curvature according to the customer’s desire.

Step 3: Apply scissors, gel pad for lower lashes.

Step 4: Clean the eyelashes and disinfect the eyelash extension tool.

Step 5: Using specialized tweezers, dip the glue on the base of the eyelashes to create a fan according to the specified amount. Then, attach the fan to each real lash until done.

Step 6: Use the tool to define the lash line and eyelash shape. The next step is to check your feet. 

Step 7: Investigate and guide how to take care of eyelashes after connecting volume eyelashes.

Beauty moment
Thick and designed Volume lashes

How to take care of eyelashes after volume eyelash extensions are durable.

  • For eyelash extensions, especially volume eyelash extensions, you should absolutely let your eyes come into contact with water.
  • Do not steam, use warm water for the first week after eyelash extensions. This can cause the eyelash glue to be exposed, losing shape and reducing the time it takes to use the lashes. 
  • Minimize the habit of sleeping on your stomach to avoid breakage of eyelashes.
  • Regularly brush eyelashes with a specialized eyelash brush. Work gently and do not brush your lashes while they are wet.
  • Using natural, benign eyelash nourishing essences to nourish eyelashes from deep within.

Should I choose 2D, 3D volume lashes or those with higher numbers?

In eyelash extension technique, D is the unit used to calculate mi to form fan mi volume. For example 2 yarns that make 1 fan will be 2D, 3 yarns will be 3D and so on for the next numbers.

In fact, 2D and 3D eyelashes still meet the thickness and curvature of the eyelashes. However, eyelashes with a high number or volume 4D, 5D will create a bold Western accent, sharper and more attractive to the eyes. 

Thus, the above article has also compiled information related to thick volume eyelash extensions and design. Contact PMU now to experience this beauty service.

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