Permanent Lip Makeup

Lying at the center of the face, lips bring out physical beauty, and are an expression of seductive sensuality. A full, fresh and harmonious lips with the face clearly show style, personality, youth, health and attractiveness, creating a friendly and likable feeling to the opposite person. However, not everyone is endowed with beautiful and standard lips, so makeup for the lips is a must. Coming to PMU & BEAUTY VINA, you will overcome pale, dark, uneven lips to bring a youthful, sexy rosy lips, save time and money in daily makeup. . You don't have to apply lipstick every day, the facial expression is always radiant to help you be more confident...contributing to creating energy is, for you. Depending on the shape and structure of the lips, each customer after spraying will produce different colored lip works. Currently, according to the new trend, spraying clear lip lines is not a top priority because it will make the lips look not soft, but depending on the preferences of the customer, we will help you achieve your wishes.