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Lash Lamination is an effective beauty technique that helps you always own impressively curled eyelashes without spending time on makeup every day. Let’s find out this form of beauty right below.

What is Lash Lamination?

Lash Lamination is a technique that uses specialized curlers and molds to shape and curl natural eyelashes without heat impact, so it is completely harmless to the eyes.

It sounds like a simple name, but it requires skilled and high-tech workers to produce the desired results.

Should I curl my lashes?

Lash Lamination is extremely suitable for people with thick and long eyelashes, just curl up to make them more beautiful and impressive to increase the attractiveness of the owner. 

According to experts, people with thin and weak eyelashes should not use this form of beauty to avoid damage and loss of eyelashes after implementation. To ensure the safety of your eyelashes, you should go to reputable cosmetic facilities for advice and implementation.

Advantages of the Lash Lamination service at PMU

  • Save your daily makeup time and still have a pretty and attractive appearance.
  • Make the eyes look bigger and rounder.
  • The time to perform Lash Lamination only ranges from 25-30 minutes.
  • Low price.
  • After using it for more than 3 months, my eyelashes will return to normal.

Eyelash extension process at PMU

Eyelash extension process at PMU is carried out according to medical standards, ensuring safety and quality for customers. 

Step 1: Clean the eyelash area clean

Cleanse the area of ​​​​the eyelashes to remove dirt so that the curling medicine is easily absorbed, the eyelashes after curling as desired.

Step 2: Use a special adhesive tape to fix the lower eyelid area.

This step is to prevent the drug from getting into the lower eyelid area and causing the eyelashes to curl.

Step 3: Place the curling rod and apply the shaping glue evenly on the eyelash curler.

Choose the curl that suits your lashes and your wishes, fix the shaft with specialized glue.

Step 4: Using the eyelash curler, stroke each eyelash so that it is straight and hugs evenly on the curling shaft.

Step 5: Apply eyelash curler once.

Time for eyelashes to infuse ranges from 20-25 minutes. Apply at the base of the eyelashes, after the eyelashes have been absorbed, use a makeup remover to wipe from the base of the eyelashes to wipe it up so as not to affect the fixed eyelashes.

Step 6: Continue to apply eyelash shaping medicine for the second time.

Apply gently, being careful not to lose the structure of the curled eyelashes.

Step 7: Clean the eyelashes

that have just been curled, the worker will clean them with cotton wool and carefully remove the eyelashes from the curling rod.

Step 8: Apply collagen essence and home care instructions.

Use a cotton swab soaked in collagen essence to smooth the lashes for a glossy shine.

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Care after curling eyelashes at PMU

  • To maintain the durability of eyelashes, absolutely do not let eyelashes come into contact with water for the first 24 hours after doing so.
  • Use coconut oil, collagen or vitamins to nourish eyelashes from the inside to make them more shiny and strong.
  • Limit the habit of lying on your stomach when sleeping to avoid bending, breaking or losing eyelashes.
  • Wearing sunglasses to protect your face helps you avoid bad effects from the outside environment. 
  • Remove eye makeup gently, being careful not to deform or lose curvature after curling.
  • Use a brush to brush your lashes to make them more beautiful.
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Is curling harmful?

The Lash Lamination technique is completely harmless or affects the eyes. The incubation time and drug dosage will also be adjusted by experts at PMU to suit each eye condition, ensuring safety for all customers.


Above, is a summary of information related to Lash Lamination services. Hopefully these useful information will help you quickly own impressive, curved eyelashes. 

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